Competition Track: Rules & Information

Note: Spectators will not be permitted to erect scaffolding, E-Z ups, canopies, or light structures of any type).



General Rules

1.   No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the Fairgrounds.

2.   All pullers must sign a waiver of liability.  The Fair Association is not liable for accident or injuries.

3.   All pulling vehicles will be one entry per class to be determined by lottery draw picked by registration officials.

4.   All pulling vehicles will be weighed in for class and hitch checked to remain in staging area, no allowance.

5.   All pulling vehicles over 30% factory R.P.M.s must have side shields and bell housing protection.

6.   All pulling vehicles will be subject to random tech inspection.

7.   No speeding or horseplay in the pit area.

8.   Only officials, sled operator, and pullers are permitted on the track.

9.  Any disputes will be between the puller and the Contest Committee only.

10.  Contest Committee has the right to reject any or all entries and/or change the rules.

11.  Contest Committee has the right to add weight or start class over.


Hooking and Unhooking

1.   The flagman will start and finish all unhooks.

2.   All pulling vehicles must remain in neutral while hooking and unhooking.

3.   All pullers will have a 3-minute time limit to hook.

4.   All pullers will have two attempts to start sled from tight hitch, no jerking.

5.   No portion of pulling vehicle shall interfere with sled or hitch during a pull.



1.   Full pull line will be determined by the Committee.

2.   First puller is test puller with option to come back for a re-hook last, if change sled.

3.   Any test puller in a stock class has the option to come back third.

4.   Driver must remain seated with one hand on the wheel at all times.

5.   All drivers are responsible for their own equipment.

6.   Any loss of equipment or weights while hooked to sled will result in disqualification.

7.   First puller disqualification will void the option for re-pull.


Chair: John Howell @ 814-880-2170

Co-Chair: Chad Packer @ 814-280-2782

Please visit the Centre County Pullers Association website at for more information.

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