History of Grange Fair

Some "tenters" from long ago enjoying the Granger's Pic-nik.

Some “tenters” from long ago enjoying the Granger’s Pic-nik.


The Grange Fair began in 1874 when Leonard Rhone urged his Progress Grange to join their sister subordinate Granges in having a pic-nik to which they would invite their neighbors and introduce the Grange Organization and the benefits of membership in such a faternity. Since then, it’s grown into a real family tradition with some campers going back generation after generation.

Even the size of the Fair has grown to include¬†1,000 tents, 1,500 RV’s, hundreds of concessions, over 7,000 exhibit items, amusement rides, livestock, tractor pulling and much more! Come to Centre Hall, PA and find out why so many folks wrap up every summer at Grange Park with the Centre County Grange Encampment and Fair.


1999 Recreation of Master Rhone at Headquarters

We feature numerous exhibits, some sale items and some competition exhibits featuring the most talented artists, craftsmen, cooks, and bakers around.

We also host the top names in entertainment! The best part is, concerts are included in the price of admission!

Grange Park is in use year-round for numerous events. For information about hosting your event at Grange Park, please call 814-364-9212.

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